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Here we’re going to take a look at a building and what type of materials may contain asbestos material. So here at the beginning, we’re going to come in, as soon as we come in we see that there’s carpet in here, on one side you can see that the carpet is not there anymore and then its clear concrete which we know on the clear concrete does not have asbestos. On the contrary, over here you can see nine by nine tiles, there is probably with 99% certainty asbestos, so you know for a fact that in here you’re going to have asbestos in this style. Additionally, you keep going and then you can see we’re preparing to do an abatement, but you can see in the ceiling you see this type of installation, this type of installation is also asbestos material as well as many piping, we’re going to walk around a little bit in this building to take a look at the piping of this building.

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As you can see the piping of the building also contains asbestos as well as the next sheet underneath the nine by nine tiles that you can see over here. So you know the layer of carpet, you know the layer of asbestos tile and the layer of mastic in this house. Over here you have an issue because somebody has touched these materials before the abatement was completed even done. This building has a lot of material is to be known asbestos material and it will be abated and remediated, so can be renovated it into a functional dance studio. Hopefully, this gives you some clarity on some of the materials that may contain asbestos.

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