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Siding has been used to cover and protect the exterior of millions houses, what makes siding dangerous and very risky for humans is that it contains asbestos fibers to make it more resistant to the environment and the weather, for your safety be aware that these asbestos must be removed prior to any demolition, remodeling or any repairs.

Many people covered the asbestos siding with vinyl, aluminum, or wood, these created more difficulties and problems, because in these cases you not only have to remove the first siding, but also the rest of the layers, for example sometimes below the siding you’re going to have other pieces of boards that could be stone walls or any type of backer, and there is a high probabillity that you would find damaged siding , which could release asbestos fibers  and led to the environment.

Key factors about siding:

  • Various composite materials are also used for siding including asbestos.
  • Siding containing asbestos need to be removed prior to any demollition or remodeling
  • Asbestos siding removal must be done by a certified asbestos professional.
  • Siding containing asbestos it is complex because of the many layers of siding and other materials a house could , like wood, vinyl, aluminium, led. etc.

There are many different scenarios on how siding was used in houses. In many cases, we see that the led was covered up with asbestos, and then asbestos was cover up with vinyl over the aluminum and so on, that is why there are numerous layers of siding which most houses are no designed for. 

It´s important to remove an environmental concern instead of convering it, because by covering, you not only keep the ones you have, but you invite other ones like organic microbial growth and mold.

if your siding is damaged by any type of tornado, bullets, projectiles, rocks, your insurance company will cover it.

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