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Asbestos in air-conditioning systems or HVAC systems can be found in the duct tape, insulates, and joints between the asbestos docks. In these cases, it’s highly recommended by asbestos removal professionals to remove the entire duct system. 

Most of the duct system that contains asbestos has likely been working for around 50/60 years. At this time, the duct has collected many different types of contaminants and debris. In order to help sustain air quality, the duct should be replaced entirely – not just because of the asbestos, because of what other contaminants may be inside too

In many instances, this type of contamination will lead to deteriorated or damaged conditions – The material will be peeling off or will be semi-destroyed. This will then release fibers into the air. The asbestos tape contains fifty to sixty percent fibers, which is a high asbestos content.

Once we know the regulator, the asbestos-containing material it starts at one percent. So this is fifty or sixty time’s higher percentage of asbestos than regulated. 

It’s important to know that this tape is covering airflow openings, which may also work as a negative air system in order to pull fibers inwards. 

So, whenever you turn off your air conditioning unit, some negative air could be found outside the system, which could potentially push fibers into the system. 

Yes, while these fibers are small in quantity, over the span of fifty/sixty the amount of fibers in your home or worksite begin to build-up. 

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