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A local residence’s plumbing was damaged. This led to flooding that caused further damage to the house. While surveying the damage sustained by the house, the owners began to suspect that there may be asbestos-containing materials present.

If there is suspicion of the presence of asbestos, it is vital to perform a test and to have a professional analysis done. Asbestos has been scientifically proven to cause cancer and other harmful health conditions, such as lung disease. 

Events like floods can expose asbestos in areas where it may have been difficult to detect before. Asbestos particles can be disturbed by natural disasters, construction, flooding or other disruptions. This can cause particles to further spread to other areas or be released into the air, posing significant safety risks.

Since it is impossible to be certain if asbestos is present simply by looking or smelling an area, it’s necessary to send materials to a lab to determine whether or not there is asbestos.

At Asbestos Removal Pro, we provide asbestos testing services. Testing is done by simply removing small pieces of material. Then, these pieces are sent to a certified lab. The lab then provides a report detailing how much asbestos was found in the material.

When asbestos was popular, it was often mixed with other elements to create different materials. This means that the amount of asbestos may differ in materials from various areas of the house. 

In this case, the laboratory results showed an asbestos content level of 25%. This means that 75% was made up of other materials, and 25% consisted of highly hazardous asbestos. It was determined that the flooring and drywall both contained asbestos. It is common to find asbestos in flooring and drywall materials, especially in buildings that were constructed before the 1980s.

Once it was confirmed that the house contained a dangerous level of asbestos, we began to prepare for the removal process.


Since the flooring and drywall that contained asbestos were present in multiple areas of the property, it was necessary to safely contain and prep all of the areas for abatement. This required moving and containing all of the furniture and household items into a single room.

This room was then sealed to prevent the items from being contaminated with asbestos particles during the removal process. Additionally, potentially dangerous areas of the house were sealed off to prevent people from entering into high-risk zones.


Protective measures were put in place for all of the workers who would be in contact with materials that contained asbestos. After all of the safety measures were in place and the area was properly sealed, the removal process began.

In order to effectively get rid of the asbestos, approximately 1,100 square feet of material was removed. This led to the successful remediation of 100% of the existing asbestos. The remediation of all of the existing asbestos restored the house to a safe and habitable condition.

Final cleaning

The critical final step to conclude a successful asbestos removal is a thorough cleaning. Asbestos particles are released into the air during removal and can land on other surfaces. We meticulously sanitize the area to ensure that it is extremely clean and ready for people to safely return.

The owners were then able to come back to their house to perform further renovations. The safety and health of the owners was protected throughout the process and they were not exposed to the hazardous particles that are present during asbestos removal. Their house was completely asbestos-free and thoroughly cleaned to make sure that asbestos particles were properly removed.