asbestos tile removal

Materials containing asbestos don’t pose any health risks when left intact or undisturbed. For people living or working in asbestos-contaminated buildings who are looking for asbestos tile removal services, the same rule applies. 

As your qualified asbestos tile removal company, Asbestos Removal PRO also provides you with:

  • Professional and effective site decontamination
  • Aspectos inspection and testing
  • Safe and thorough containment and toxin removal
  • Proper disposal

Unless the asbestos materials from the tiles are released into the environment, they’re not considered to be harmful since airborne ingestion of the material is what causes health issues. However, once these fibers are disturbed, they become trapped in the airways and mucous membranes of individuals within the contaminated areas. 

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How Asbestos Fibers Become Dangerous

Once this happens, these toxic fibers pass deeper through the body, causing harm to the digestive tract and lungs, creating permanent damage to the body. These fibers have been the cause of a number of diseases such as lung cancer, malignant mesothelioma, and asbestosis. 

As we’ve discussed, once freed into the environment, asbestos becomes hazardous. This is when the fibers have become released or easily crumbled, entering the air which then becomes ingested. 

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When to Choose Asbestos Tile Removal Services

Sprayed-on asbestos insulation tends to be more easily released into the air, whereas asbestos floor tiling isn’t as “firable” due to its construction.

If you’re looking for Asbestos tile removal, you likely believe you have asbestos-containing tiles in the floor files, ceiling, fire doors, cabinet tops, or shingles. 

While these forms are actually non-friable, meaning it doesn’t simply crumble and become ingested by individuals in the near vicinity, they can become hazardous if the fibers become damaged or disturbed somehow. 

Asbestos pipe or boiler insulation also can become dangerous if their protective coatings are cut or damaged, releasing asbestos fibers into the air. 

So, if you own an older home with potential or confirmed asbestos-containing materials, asbestos tile removal may be a smart choice. 

This is because even if the asbestos hasn’t been disturbed yet, making sure a certified asbestos tile removal professional will be able to eradicate any future hazard possibilities before they become an issue. 

Removing any asbestos tiles now instead of dealing with the health repercussions later once the fibers have been released into the environment is a lot safer. Maintaining you and your family’s health involves tracking down professional assistance from asbestos tile removal experts ahead of time. 

At Asbestos Removal PRO, we’ll walk you through the process to make sure you’re confident in every step of the way. 

If you’re unsure whether or not you have asbestos-containing tiles in your home, our professionals will conduct a thorough and safe home test to confirm your situation. 

Asbestos Removal PRO not only provides the most reliable and professional asbestos abatement contracting services available, but we’re here for your family to trust. Our team of experts ensure your home is clean and healthy for your family to continue thriving in. 

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