Asbestos Removal PRO offers encapsulation and removal services for asbestos-containing pipes in Atlanta and surrounding communities. We are licensed asbestos removal contractors in the state of Georgia, and can help you safely dispose of asbestos-containing pipes in your area.

What are asbestos-containing pipes?

Until the 1970s, it was very common to use asbestos-containing materials for pipes because of the natural heat resisting and insulating properties of asbestos. Asbestos cement pipes, and asbestos pipe insulation, were both used frequently to connect to radiators or steam heaters. 

Unfortunately, there comes a time when those pipes need to be repaired or replaced. If you believe that pipes in your home or building might contain asbestos, it is crucial to contact a qualified asbestos pipe removal company to assess the situation and properly encapsulate the pipes.

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Why do asbestos-containing pipes need to be removed? 

While there are thankfully no health risks associated with drinking water transported by asbestos cement pipes, the pipes do break down over time and need replacing.

Replacing these pipes, especially if they are old and eroding, causes asbestos fibres to become airborne, and these airborne fibers are extremely hazardous if inhaled. 

Professional asbestos cement pipe removal, along with asbestos pipe insulation removal, is the best way to avoid health risks for inhabitants, and for workers during current or future projects.

How does asbestos cement pipe removal work?

Asbestos cement pipe and asbestos pipe insulation encapsulation should always be carried out by a licensed asbestos removal company like Asbestos Removal PRO. 

Our company follows strict health and safety guidelines laid out by OSHA, and knows how to properly remove and seal the hazardous material without any danger to the public or our workers. 

The removal of asbestos-containing water pipes is often carried out in public places, and beneath roads and pavement. We will communicate with all the relevant businesses and the community to reduce risk and public concern.  

To properly remove or encapsulate asbestos pipes, our team undertakes the following precautions: 

  • Placing barriers around the work areas during excavation 
  • Ensuring our workers wear protective equipment and clothing
  • Wetting down the asbestos pipe before removal
  • Completely wrapping the asbestos cement pipe before disposal 

Putting up visible signage warning everyone that asbestos flue pipe removal is taking place

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