An abatement is a way to remove the majority – if not all – of the asbestos from a specific worksite location. This process is done to reduce the chances of asbestos contamination or fiber exposure to people who will be working onsite.

Once the work area is contained, meaning separated from the rest of the building, we put this worksite into a negative air condition. At this point, we start removing the asbestos-containing material.

This is known as an abatement. Once this is done under containment, we remove the containment and perform clean or clearance sampling/testing. This ensures that no asbestos is in the area, or has been released into the air.

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Lead and asbestos are two highly toxic materials that were routinely used in many products before the public became aware of their hazardousness.  Both substances can pose serious health risks and can even be lethal.  Asbestos abatement, as well as lead abatement, should be handled by a professional who is knowledgeable about methods for safe removal and disposal, as well as certified and licensed to perform the activity in order to avoid potential problems with regulations and prevent possible, costly shutdowns.

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Lead abatement is a process intended to completely and permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards.  In some cases, abatement can be ordered by a state or local government.  Here at Asbestos Removal PRO, we are familiar with local regulations in Atlanta and are certified and licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural resources to perform lead abatement.  We take the unique concerns of each building into account and consider environmental factors of the location in order to perform the abatement in a safe, responsible way.  Our team members are trained to comply with all the regulatory requirements mandated by the EPA and OSHA, and have up-to-date certification to provide the services you need to remove materials containing lead or asbestos from your property, and responsibly dispose of them.

Removing lead or asbestos from a building can be a complex process. Even more so if the abatement is taking place during a shutdown or if the facility is actively being used. We recognize that each situation is different, and are dedicated to creating a plan for each client that is unique as their space. Always prioritizing safety and well-being, we work efficiently to completely remove all asbestos or lead through our abatement processes. Sealing and containment are always a crucial part of the process in order to fully protect building occupants and people who may be nearby.

 Our company is proud to form part of Healthy Home Enterprises LLC, offering you contaminant remediation and public health control, as well as restoration services. Asbestos and lead abatement are an important part of public health if you are planning on doing remodeling or demolition, especially if you are dealing with older buildings and facilities. Contact us to get more information about how we can help you maintain your property as a clean, safe environment.

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